A Solution For Sweaty Situations


Perspiration (or sweating) is the human body’s way to regulate temperature and to cool itself down. Sweat is mostly made up of salty water, and in normal circumstances provides an evaporative cooling effect. As the moisture evaporates and disappears, the sensation of coolness quickly follows. This process however is not so simple for all people, whilst most of our bodies may experience the occasional sweaty situation such as nervous palms, some adults can sweat up to 14 litres of perspiration in just one day. Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that can affect up to 3% of the population. Unlike normal perspiration which is produced when the body is hot, hyperhidrosis is characterised by the excessive production of sweat, even when the body is cool.

Hyperhidrosis may affect all of the body’s major sweat glands simultaneously (creating a drenched appearance) or can be restricted to specific areas. The most common areas include the underarms, lower back, palms and soles. Although men may sweat more in day-to-day situations, hyperhidrosis affects both men and woman and can start to occur during puberty.

Whilst doctors do not know exactly what causes this excessive sweating, it is known that nervousness, fear, excitement and certain foods may trigger a response. Previous methods to treat hyperhidrosis include high-strength aluminium roll-ons, iontophoresis machines (the same used by beauty therapists) and of course surgical intervention. The newest and most successful treatment for hyperhidrosis however does not involve surgery, lasts for 12 months and does not require the daily application of deodorant or machinery. It is the most commonly used product in aesthetic medicine and boasts nearly 60 years of applications in the medical industry… Anti wrinkle injection!

Anti wrinkle injections treat hyperhidrosis by blocking the signals between nerves and sweat glands for up to 12 months. When the signals are stopped, so does the sweating to the treated areas. Although many people believe that by blocking certain sweat glands, the ducts may become congested or the excess sweat may be transferred to another gland, this is simply not the case.

Anti wrinkle injections may be administered to the underarms, palms and soles and involve multiple tiny injections that target specific sweat glands. The treatment takes around 30 minutes and is easily tolerated. Whilst some patients may experience almost instant results, the full effect takes around 4 weeks to kick in.

No matter what age, sex, skin colour or condition, all adults experiencing hyperhidrosis now have a long lasting solution to stop the sweating cycle.

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