Laser Hair Removal is by far the best way to get rid of unwanted hair permanently and with a number of Laser Clinics opening up around Melbourne due to its popularity, a lot of at home shopping network beauty companies are jumping on the bandwagon and creating ‘at home laser hair removal’ devices. Products such as the E-One Hair Removal System and the No!No! Epilator systems are promising permanent hair removal within the comfort of your own home at a cheaper price than Professional Laser Clinics. The question is do these ‘at home Laser Removal’ systems provide the same results? Just because they are cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean they are more effective!

‘At home laser hair removal’ systems claim to work just as well, if not better than a professional hair removal laser, but most of these devices are actually Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines which means that that these machines aren’t created to be as strong as the laser machines in a professional clinic. If not used properly, and most of the time these machines aren’t as laser hair removal should be performed by a professional , the outcome is that they often burn the hair away (and sometimes even the skin) and the hair follicle that is supposed to be destroyed is still intact with the hair growing back after a few days. Also take note that most of these companies pride themselves on the size of their machines and how much smaller they are than professional machines but did you know that this is because they don’t provide a cooling device like the professional laser hair removal machines do (which is why the machines are bigger) and this can lead to burning of the skin too!

You’ll notice that these companies always focus on comparing the pricing between professional laser clinics and their ‘at home laser hair removal ‘system, and of course they will always make their product look cheaper. And while it may seem cheaper to look at as it’s a once off price, after reading a lot of consumer reviews it appear that the ‘at home laser hair removal treatment’ doesn’t provide the same results as professional laser hair removal and many consumers, after spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on their ‘at home laser hair removal system’ go back to the professionals. This is because the consumer knows that with professional laser hair removal they are guaranteed permanent hair removal. So they’ve essentially wasted their money on ‘at home laser removal’!
Another problem with ‘at home laser hair removal’ is that the user is not properly screened as they would be if they had gone to a professional laser hair clinic meaning that they can be unsuitable for some skin types, such as darkly pigmented skin. Most laser hair removal devices don’t work for light colored or red hair yet the company will still sell you the product!
Our medical-grade machines are FDA and TGA approved, and our treatment features a patented cooling device that ensures increased comfort during treatment.

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