Summer has gone and as the Melbourne weather gets colder and colder there is less humidity in the air, lower temperatures, artificial heating and extra hot showers.
What does this mean for your skin?
It means a dry red nose and cheeks, a cracked, flaky face and the loss of your skins natural PH balance.

At the Australian Laser and Skin Clinic we have a fantastic treatments for Skin Rejuvenation, along with Peels and Skin Care products to compliment them, help beat the cold harsh weather and keep you skin hydrated and healthy!

Our Ageless Peel is perfect for faces that need a little hydration and will slough away dead skin caused by the cold to reveal a smoother, clearer texture. It will also refine your skin, clear up congestion and correct any weather damage.
Having the right products in your beauty cupboard will also keep you hydrated, and investing in a good moisturiser will provide your skin with the necessary vitamins and hydration that it needs.

Why not try –

Skinstitut Moisture Defence for Oily, Normal and Dry skin

ASAP Advanced Hydrating Moisturiser or the award winning Ultimate Hydration!

There are other products that will aid and support your skin during the colder weather.

Skinstitut Hydrating Mask – The Hydrating Mask nourishes and repairs damage caused by dehydration improves luminosity and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Skinstitut Repair Balm –Is an intense recovery balm that aids in healing and repairing dry hyper sensitive skins.

ASAP Revitalising BodyMoist– Don’t forget the rest of your body! This moisturiser will stimulate your body and revitalise your skin. Combining the benefits of essential oils, 12% glycolic acid and green tea to smooth, tone and intensely hydrate your skin. Perfect for those dry areas such as the elbows and legs!

The Australian Laser and Skin Clinic offer a complimentary Skin Assessments and Consultations to all clients so call 1800 786 166 and speak to one of our medically trained clinicians today.