Spring Racing Carnival is officially begun and while the dress and headpiece is important we believe that your skin & overall aesthetic should be your best accessory. To ensure your you look luscious and polished all day long, here are our ultimate tips for creating your best track side look.
1. Start from within
As the weather heats up and the party season begins, maintain skin health with non-alcoholic cocktails to re-balance and support inner health as great skin starts from within. Just eight glasses of water a day can maintain systemic hydration for plumper and more radiant skin. Counterbalance the effects of alcohol by alternating each glass of champagne with a glass of water. This can also reduce the effects of a hangover. Don’t like the taste of water? Why not try sugar-free ice tea or electrolyte-rich coconut water for instant refreshment? Over-indulged at the track? Re-alkalinise with liquid chlorophyll or spirulina powder (mixed with water) to promote digestive balance. Taking just 6000mg of essential fatty acids (such as olive, fish, wheatgerm or evening primrose oils) help to prevent water loss and re-conditions the skin for the ultimate in comfort and luminescence.
2. Glow Getter

Microdermabrasion is more than just about exfoliation. This three-in-one clinical treatment promotes the removal of dulling dead skin cells, stimulates nutrient-rich micro-circulation and activates detoxifying lymphatic drainage. The suction effect dislodges congestion, pollution and impurities for instant rehabilitation. The mechanical exfoliation not only delivers instant smooth, but provides the ultimate skin base for flawless spray-tanning and make-up application and the ultimate glow! This in-and-out treatment requires no downtime and can even be teamed with a gentle enzyme peel to further enhance results. For the best effect, try a series of one micro every two weeks. Upgrade for even greater solutions and combine with Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel.

3. Goodbye Cake Face

Gone are the days of heavy foundation which can age the complexion, creating a chalky and unnatural effect. The first step for weightless, creaseless, undetectable and smooth make-up application is a great primer. Primers not only blur skin imperfections, but can deliver increased durability for all day freshness with a ‘just-applied’ look. Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer combines zesty botanicals with hardcore peptides to kick start and awaken the complexion. Applied after your moisturiser and before foundation, this primer also prevents make-up fading and caking. Even apply to eyelids for crease-free eyeshadow and an anti-panda-eyes effect. Colorescience Hydrating Setting Mist delivers a veil of heavy water and essential oils to rehydrate and awaken the skin, particularly in hot and humid weather.

4. Get Lippy
The trout-pout or duck look of yesteryear are officially out, with today’s look promoting natural flirty volume to enhance your lips to increase the sensuality of your face. Turn your lips into the ultimate pout with some re-densifying dermal filler.. This procedure is performed only by a registered cosmetic nurse or doctor. Natural hyaluronic acid plumps and rejuvenates the contour for a poutier, hydrated and kissable effect. For best results, book your appointment a week before any engagement to give any swelling the chance to reduce. The results of dermal fillers can last over 6 months to create long-lasting lip longevity. Protect and immerse your new lips with buttery nourishment by using ASAP Hydrating Lip Balm with SPF15.
5. Sun proof = Age proof
Whilst every skin care addict knows that sunscreen is a daily must to protect the face against ageing rays, don’t forget to apply SPF to arms, shoulders, legs and ears every day during the Spring and Summer season. The ravaging effects of ultra violet damage on unprotected skin hastens the ageing process, whilst stimulating uneven skin tone, burning and hyper pigmentation.
Get glowing this Spring Racing Carnival and make your skin a sure-winner no matter where your trackside may be.