Skin Needling Aftercare

What to Expect After a Skin Needling Treatment Your skin may feel warm to touch immediately after your procedure and 3-5 days later become a little dry and flaky. This is a completely normal process due to the dead skin cells being stimulated upwards. Once this process is finished, your skin will feel softer and look radiant. Following your Skin Needling treatment, you can expect some redness and slight swelling...

Starting Afresh Post-Summer: Skin Care Tips from Beauty & Skin Industry Specialist, Andrew R. Christie

Starting Afresh  During the summer months, incidental sun exposure and increased temperatures contribute to the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture. This can often be accompanied with a surge of blackheads and superficial congestion. This results from increased sebum production as the humidity rises. What often appears is a lacklustre and bumpy complexion surface, characterized with grey and blotchy undertones. Whilst many of us associate chemical peels with the...

New Year’s Resolution Solutions

Whilst making a new year’s resolution is easy, sticking to it for longer than a few days can be mighty challenging and difficult. Here are 4 simple resolutions with easy solutions to ensure 2017 is your best skin year ever. 1. I will always wash my face before going to bed Long work days, tiresome gym workouts and a buzzing social calendar can often mean your skin takes a back...

Beauty + Skin Tips for Spring Racing Carnival

Spring Racing Carnival is officially begun and while the dress and headpiece is important we believe that your skin & overall aesthetic should be your best accessory. To ensure your you look luscious and polished all day long, here are our ultimate tips for creating your best track side look.  1. Start from within As the weather heats up and the party season begins, maintain skin health with non-alcoholic cocktails to re-balance and support inner health as...

Secret Men’s Business

Whilst skin is skin and biological effects, functions and processes do not differ between men and woman, there are a couple of considerations to take into account. These can affect day to day maintenance whilst creating an entirely new category of problems and challenges to be solved, treated or managed.   Due to higher production levels of androgen hormones (such as testosterone, androstene diol 314 and dihydrotestosterone), men’s skin tends to...

5 Tips To Banish Breakouts

1. Reassess your Cleanser The skin’s protective barrier naturally sits in an acidic environment. Factors such as over- cleansing and exfoliating, compromise this ecosystem creating alkalinity and imbalance. Whilst the squeaky sensation after cleansing the skin is associated with the removal of oil and impurities, that tight sensation is a sign of skin danger. If you’re rushing for the moisturiser after cleansing or if your skin feels taut, it’s time...

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