Acne doesn’t only appear on the face and many people suffer from body acne with the following areas affected:

  • Back (also known as Bacne)
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Upper Arms
Body Acne can affect males and females, teens and adults. Those that suffer from Body Acne find that it starts with Facial Acne and then spreads to other areas of the body. Body Acne is caused by similar factors that trigger Facial Acne: overactive oil glands and excess dead skin cells. As the skin on the body is thicker than the face and the pores are larger, Body Acne can appear more severe than Facial Acne as more oil is produced and we also tend to sweat more in these areas (especially the back) which can cause further irritation.
Like Facial Acne, Body Acne can fill its sufferers with a sense of shame and embarrassment causing them to take great pains to cover up the affected areas. Men with back acne will often avoid taking off their shirts altogether.
How can the Australian Laser and Skin Clinic help with the treatment of Body Acne?
We offer a number of treatments, advice and products that can help with the cure and prevention of Body Acne including –
Microdermabrasion – Deeply exfoliates, polishes, and increases the lymphatic drainage of skin. The gentle vacuum with a diamond coated head will exfoliate the top layer of dead skin and get rid of congestion caused by acne.
Lilt Therapy –Our medical grade LLLT laser is fast becoming a popular treatment for acne on the body as it regenerates the damaged tissues caused by acne cysts and black heads and can help improve the problem in as little as one treatment.
Peels – Assist in shedding dry, damaged skin cells and unclog blackheads and acne. They’ve been known to help minimize acne scarring and stimulate collagen production. Our Chemical Peels can also be used in conjunction with Microdermabrasion for a more intense treatment.
Also practicing good hygiene can help prevent body acne. Use a soft sponge and mild body wash like Skinstitut L-Lactic Body Wash daily to lightly exfoliate and unclog pores.
If you’re suffering from Body Acne and would like more information please call 1300 786 166 to book your complimentary consultation with one of our qualified clinicians who will give you the right treatment and advice!