Summer or Winter, whether we want keep it tidy in a bikini or just general maintenance all year round, one of the most popular hair removal area for women (and now men!) is the Bikini/Brazilian region.

It’s also one of the most delicate areas of the body and should be treated with care!
Yet we subject it to:
Painful waxing – which can cause unsightly ingrown hairs and ends up being quite expensive and time consuming, with most women having to book an appointment every month.
Shaving – Needs to be done at least every 3-5 days with the area feeling coarse, prickly and sometimes itchy when regrowth occurs! Need we say more?
Depilatory Creams – Not ideal for the delicate skin around the area due to the harshness of the chemicals.
Brazilian Laser Hair Removal at the Australian Laser and Skin Clinic is the leading method in Brazilian Hair Removal. It is offers a clean, hygienic feeling, is fast, and in only 10-15 minutes you can get a full Brazilian.

The result is a smooth Brazilian, free of ingrown hairs and the best part is that once the hair falls out you won’t need to be treated for another 8 to 10 weeks!

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