About Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is a treatment whereby dermal filler is used to combat the signs of aging, enhance facial features and provide a more balance and youthful appearance. During the aging process the chin undergoes various changes due to a combination of factors affecting the underlying structures and skin. Understanding these changes can shed light on why individuals seek chin augmentation as a solution.

Orange-peel Texture / Dimpling 

A textured or dimpled chin can occur when the muscles in the chin area weaken over time. These muscles are responsible for supporting the soft tissues, gradually lose their tone and resilience. Consequently, the skin appears uneven, forming small dimples or irregularities.

Redistribution of Fat

Another factor contributing to chin aging is the redistribution of fat. As we age, fat tends to accumulate in different areas of the face, often resulting in the loss of chin definition. Excess fat under the chin can create a double chin or a less-defined jawline, making individuals appear older than they feel.

Bone Recession

Bone density and structure also play a role in chin changes. With aging, bone resorption occurs, leading to a reduction in chin projection. This can make the chin appear weaker and less prominent, contributing to an overall aged look.

Collagen and Elastin Reduction

Collagen and elastin production decrease as we age which causes the skin to lose elasticity and sag. This loss of skin tightness can lead to the development of jowls and further accentuate chin-related concerns.

At Australian Laser and Skin, our Cosmetic Injectors use dermal fillers to address these age-related issues by restoring volume, providing more structure, reshaping contours and providing a balanced chin projection. Other treatments can help support chin augmentation including fat-dissolving treatments and skin needling for collagen induction. 

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