dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers Adds Volume, Lifts & Enhances Facial Features

Dermal Fillers are products that are designed to help increase the volume of the lips, smooth wrinkles and plump up folds in the skin. Dermal Fillers are used to treat, facial volume loss, facial folds, lines & wrinkles, depressed scars, lip volume and shape as well as tear trough hollows.

HOW DO THESE Dermal Fillers WORK?

The process involves injecting a product to add volume and hydration to the desired area. After the procedure, the gel binds with the water in your skin and provides natural volume to smooth wrinkles. The gel also blends with adjoining tissues and allows other nutritive elements, like oxygen, glucose and hormones, to pass between fragments of the gel. The result is instantly fuller, revitalised and plumper skin. The process is performed by one if our a registered nurse or a doctors and takes about 30 minutes. Maintenance treatments are required every 6-12 months.

Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers can help revitalise your appearance, smoothing out wrinkles and giving your face a fresh and energetic look. For wrinkle or facial contouring treatments, such as cheek fillers, most patients choose to have a follow-up treatment 6-12 months after the initial treatment. After a lip enhancement procedure, a follow-up appointment is usually required about 6 months later. It is always the patient’s choice whether to continue or change the combination of treatment.

Take A Look At Some Of Our Amazing Client Results

Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers

Who are Dermal Fillers best for?

Dermal Fillers is best for men and women experiencing facial volume loss or deep creases due to ageing. It is also commonly used to refine or enhance certain facial features and improve facial symmetry, giving you a refreshed and natural appearance. We recommend coming in for a Free Consultation with one of our Nurses or Doctors to customize a treatment to help you achieve your desired results. We do not recommend this treatment while you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly, Dermal Fillers are used to help increase the volume and size of the lips and surrounding contours. However, there are other parts of the face and body which can benefit from the use of Dermal Fillers for both men and women, including: sunken cheek bones (dermal cheek fillers can plump up and increase cheek firmness), tear troughs (if you’ve been searching for how to reduce under eye bags, under eye fillers can reduce the appearance of lines and shadows), deep nasolabial folds (smile lines from the nose to the mouth), marionette lines (from the mouth to the chin), facial lines (fillers are able to effectively treat wrinkles at depths that other methods cannot), deep scars, loss of skin and facial volume and sagging contours.

The duration will depend on several factors such as; skin type, skin condition, lifestyle and age; depending on the individual, the area and the type of filler being used. Follow-up treatments are normally recommended around every 6-24 months, making this a highly cost-effective treatment. Generally it can last around 6-18 months.

Some clients may experience mild discomfort however; a local anaesthetic is used to provide a more comfortable treatment, especially for sensitive areas such as the lips. Australian Laser & Skin Clinics ensures the most pleasant treatment possible.

The dermal filler we use is made from hyaluronic acid which is a sugar chain found naturally in the connective tissue of all mammals.

Because the dermal filler we use is made from Hyaluronic acid which is naturally occurring in the body it is TGA approved and has had no reported long term side effects and is broken down in the body over time.

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Dermal Fillers
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