1. Stop thinking you can get away without wearing a sunscreen! No matter what is in your make-up or moisturiser and no matter what time of year it is, you must wear a minimum SPF15 every day and every season. This is a non-negotiable. For something light and weightless, try Aspect Envirostat SPF 50.

2. Stop smoking! One cigarette depletes your entire recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Without vitamin C, youth-boosting collagen cannot be produced. Smoker’s skins are more prone to deeper wrinkles, dullness and premature ageing. Start taking a vitamin C supplement daily. 250-1000mg taken every morning will do the trick.
Can you pick the Smoker Twin? Source: www.webmd.com
3. Stop going to bed with your make-up on! The skin is the body’s largest organ and is always self-renewing. Accumulation of make-up, dirt and environmental pollution clog and congest, but can also contribute to breakouts and sensitivity. A gentle cleanse, twice daily helps the skin to help itself. Try Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser which can be used as an all-in-one face, hair and body cleanser.

4. Stop picking! As tempting as it may be to pick, squeeze and scratch pimples, blackheads and ingrown hairs, you put yourself at risk. Scarring, hyperpigmentation and even hypopigmentation are all signs of skin trauma. Leave extractions to the skin professionals. To prevent future breakouts, whilst treating the existing ones, try ASAP Clearskin Gel Body. The formula also works for ingrown hairs.

5. Stop going to the solarium or sunbaking. Exposure to ultra violet rays is the number one cause of extrinsic skin ageing. It is the number one cause of wrinkles, age spots, sun spots and skin cancer. Why not try a self-tanning body lotion or a professional spray tan? The results can last up to a week and deliver instant colour and skin radiance.

6. Stop burning the candle at both ends! Stress and a lack of sleep can contribute to ruddy, dull and dehydrated skin. There is a reason why it is called beauty sleep! Aim to sleep uninterrupted for at least 8 hours, every night. A Sunday morning sleep-in does not make up for hours lost during the week. Wind down at least an hour before you plan to go to bed. This means switching off the tv, laptop and phone. A warm shower can bring on sleep and a cup of chamomile tea can sooth and relax.
7. Stop using soap on your face and body! Soap is highly alkaline and strips the skin’s protective barrier. This leaves the skin feeling tight and dry. Soap’s stripping properties can actually increase the proliferation of acne bacteria. The tallow (or animal fat) used in many soaps can also clog and congest, leaving an occlusive feel on the skin. Why not try Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser? This formula re-acidifies the skin without stripping or irritating. The gentle glycolic acid dissolves impurities for the freshest and cleanest sensation.

8. Stop the caffeine and sugary drinks! The best drink for youthful skin is plain water and plenty of it. You should aim to drink 2-4 litres of water a day. Caffeinated beverages (such as coffee and energy drinks) are actually diuretic and draw water away from the skin. Many fruit juices contain the same level of sugar found in common soft drinks. Sugar is highly acidic and can create inflammation. Sugar also breaks down collagen fibres in a process known as glycation. This is the number one cause for intrinsic skin ageing. For a more exciting version of plane water, why not try sparkling mineral water flavoured with a couple of strawberries?

9. Stop overdoing it! Your skin does not need to be scrubbed everyday. Your skin also will not benefit from a cocktail of 20 products and active ingredients. If your skin is red, flaking, irritated or just not feeling itself perhaps you are overdoing things? Reduce the frequency you apply retinoids (vitamin A), exfoliants, alpha hydroxy acids and clay masks. A little can go a long way. For a versatile micro-exfoliant and soothing mask-in-one, try Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel. The gentle formula cannot over-treat or irritate and can be used as often as desired.

10. Stop worrying and start actioning! We are all prone to wrinkles, pimples, spots and scars. Rather than falling apart over skin imperfections, get motivated to being a customised action plan of personalised products and active clinical treatments. Consistency is the key and positivity is the door to open up your skin’s best potential. Book in a consultation with a paramedically trained skin professional at the Australian Laser & Skin Clinics.