Laser facial hair removal is paving the way to get rid of one of the most embarrassing and confidence affecting problems within men and women.  Unsightly facial hair.

Unwanted facial hair can appear on the chin, cheeks, between the eyebrows, upper lip and forehead.  It is a common problem that causes sufferers acute embarrassment and can severely affect confidence.

There are many factors that contribute to unwanted facial hair with the main ones being genetic and hormonal.

Previous methods of facial hair removal have included tweezing, shaving, waxing or bleaching however these methods are only a temporary solution. They can cause the hair to grow back darker and stronger, irritate the skin and over time can create a big dent in wallet!

Which is why laser facial hair removal is the most effective method of completely destroying/greatly reducing unwanted facial hair in men and women.

Laser facial hair removal is almost virtually pain free (think of a very light flick of an elastic band) and can be done in as little as 20 minutes.  It’s perfect for the delicate skin of the face as waxing and shaving can pull or cut the skin which can cause discomfort, bruising and sometimes bleeding.

Laser facial hair removal is completely safe & works by zapping the hair follicle and destroying it so that it doesn’t grow back. It’s the perfect option for those who desire smooth, silky skin all year round!

Laser Facial Hair Removal:

Laser Facial Hair Removal & PCOS

A common cause of excessive facial hair growth among women is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which affects 5%-10% of women.

Many of our patients at the Australian Laser & Skin Clinic have been diagnosed with PCOS and choose to get laser facial hair removal as it can offer long term hair removal results & produce a smooth silky feeling. At the AustralianLaser and Skin clinic we know that having PCOS & dealing with excessive facial hair growth can be an ongoing battle so we offer a special discount for PCOS sufferers of 15% off all laser facial hair removal treatments. (Medical certificate required).

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