Many men and women are embarrassed because they are coping with unsightly facial hair rather than the clear smooth skin they desire. They take painstaking measures to constantly conceal facial hair.
They tweeze, shave, bleach or wax on a regular basis, only to cause the hair to grow in stronger and darker than before. Additionally, there is a great deal of skin irritation, and often permanent damage being caused by these repetitive methods. These methods remove the problem short term but the hair will always come back.

There are many causes for excessive facial hair with the main factors being hirsutism.

This is a harmless condition affects many women and sometimes men. It is the rising of androgens (Male Hormones) which causes a male pattern of body hair, sometimes excessive, particularly in locations where women normally do not develop hair including the chin, sides of face, lips and between the eyebrows.

Rarely a woman with hirsutism will have normal levels of male hormones, and the specific cause of the unwanted hair growth cannot be identified.

Another common cause of excessive hair growth among women is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which affects 5%-10% of women.

Many of our patients at the Australian Laser and Skin Clinic have been diagnosed with PCOS and choose to get facial laser hair removal as it can offer long term hair removal results and produce a smooth silky feeling.

At the Australian Laser and Skin clinic we know that having PCOS and dealing with excessive facial hair growth can be an ongoing battle, for women so we offer a special discount for PCOS sufferers of 15% off all facial laser hair removal treatments. (Medical certificate required).


Guys are always going to grow facial hair, that’s the bottom line! But are you tired of taking the time to shave every morning and are you sick of the hair growing on your cheeks, outer ears, back of the neck or between your eyebrows?

Are you over scarping a razor across your face and getting nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hairs?

The Australian Laser and Skin Clinic can help you achieve the sleek, groomed appearance you’ve always wanted. In addition to eliminating the need for further shaving, facial laser hair removal will remove irritation and the development of pseudo-folliculitis the name medical experts give to painful, inflamed razor bumps so commonly experienced by the male population.

Facial laser hair removal can be done quickly (in as little as 20 minutes) and is almost virtually pain free (think of a very light flick of an elastic band). This is perfect for the delicate skin on your face as waxing and shaving can pull or cut the skin which can cause discomfort, bruising and sometimes bleeding.

For more information on facial laser hair removal and start your journey to that smooth, hair free face you’ve always wanted call 1300 786 166 and book your complimentary consultation today!