Well we can assure you that IPL’s and Lasers are not all created equal! Especially when dealing with “Beauty Grade” IPL’s which have various wavelengths and more often than not do not emit the adequate energy levels to be able to successfully shut down hair follicles. Not only is IPL Hair Reduction less effective, but in the hands of an untrained operator you are also at risk of sustaining negative reactions, such as burning and scarring.

Over the past 10 years, Laser Hair Removal technology has advanced quite significantly, however many Beauty Therapists and Hair Removal clinics are still using out of
date technology, such as IPL Hair Reduction, as it is a cheaper alternative than investing in the latest and most advanced technology for Laser Hair Removal,
such as the Gentlelase Laser by Candela, which is an Alexandrite Laser.

The Alexandrite Gentlelase Laser by Candela is the fastest, most effective and advanced Laser on the market for Laser hair Removal. It features a DCD which is a safe, built in cooling device which ensures a comfortable and relatively pain free treatment, eliminating the need for conductive gels or creams which chemically numb the skin.
The wavelength that is the most absorbed by the melanin in the hair is 755 nanometres. The Gentlelase Alexandrite Laser by Candela is fine tuned to emit this exact wavelength of light, causing the most damage to the hair follicle, thus resulting in the hair follicle “shutting down” and leaving you with a permanent removal of the successfully treated hair. This is the real difference between IPL Hair Reduction and Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal. Laser Hair Removal means less treatments required, less overall treatment costs and permanent hair removal, instead of just hair reduction.