For most people, the visible signs of aging become apparent in their early thirties. The first deep wrinkles begin to emerge, turning those once charming crinkles into full-blown crow’s feet. Acne which you haven’t had since high school may make an unwelcome comeback, or crop up for the first time. Damage from years lounging about on the beach without sunscreen can begin to surface as brown spots and saggy skin.
You need not despair! Our revolutionary new Laser Facial can affordably turn back the clock, treating everything from fine lines and uneven skin texture, enlarged pores and congestion to sun damage and redness.
Want to know more about Laser Facial?

The Medilite Laser Facial is a safe and simple procedure that improves the overall look and feel of your skin. Laser Facial stimulates collagen and other vital proteins that make up healthy, youthful skin. This process not only helps soften fine lines and wrinkles it also refines and tightens pores which drastically improves their appearance.

You will see immediate results after one Laser Facial treatment, with full benefits being seen 3 to 6 months, with treatments performed at monthly intervals. During this period, you will see fewer lines, a reduction in redness and your skin will appear vibrant!

Laser Facial Sounds too good to be true! It must be painful?
Not at all! Laser Facial treats concerns at the root, deep in the skin. The laser energy penetrates the deep dermis without injuring the top layer of skin. It’s like getting rid of your imperfections from the inside out. A Laser Facial is painlessly completed in less than 20 minutes; you will leave our clinic with only mild redness that will fade within a few hours.
The success of Laser Facial is highly dependent on the skill level and knowledge of the person performing the treatment, so it is vital to “do your homework” before choosing a laser clinician. At the Australian Laser & Skin Clinic all of our clinicians are medically trained and have Laser Safety Certification making us the ideal choice.

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