What is LLLT Therapy?

The Australian Laser and Skin Clinic are proud to provide this amazing treatment that is able to alleviate, decrease and remove a number of body concerns.

LLLT Therapy is a remarkably effective non-thermal or “Cold” laser treatment designed to treat many different conditions. It works by using light to stimulate, regulate and accelerate cell function in the treated area in order to heal and restore damaged tissue.

A cold laser emits a powerful but gentle beam of light which is absorbed by the cells of tissue. This provides the cell with energy and stimulates receptors. Various wavelengths of light target various depths of the skin targeting receptors within the cells of tissue creating a photochemical reaction (like photosynthesis in plants) This leads to an improvement in the metabolism of the cells by accelerating or slowing down processes in the cells of the tissue, creating a balance, which includes:

  • An acceleration in cell reproduction & healing
  • Stimulation of white blood cell production & collagen synthesis which accelerates the process of wound
  • healing
  • Accelerate &/or restore blood flow to damaged tissue, nerves etc
  • Reduces the formation of fibrous (scar) tissue which assists in correcting hypertrophic or depressed (pitted) scarring
  • Stabilize, reduce or restore the production of pigments
  • Stabilize & reduce swelling which can reduce pain & stiffness

LLLT treatment can be used to heal the following –

Itching caused by allergies

Inflamed muscles and joints
Pinched nerves

New Scars
Red stretch marks
Mature stetch marks
Keloid Scarring

LLLT Therapy has the ability to heal these causes halting further scarring and regenerating and restoring damaged tissue. LLLT has helped many people when no other form of treatment has worked.

It is necessary to undertake a series of treatment in order to heal & restore the tissue function & to improve the appearance of damaged & ageing skin.

LLLT Therapy works by restoring injured tissue to return to a normal level in both structure and function which alleviates symptoms that include swelling, redness, damaged skin and pain.

Over a course of treatments our clients have greatly benefited greatly and there have been cases where conditions have improved with only 2 treatments!

LLLT therapy is 100% pain free, non abrasive and can take as little as 10 minutes per treatment.

For more information and to book your LLLT Therapy complimentary consultation with one of our medically trained staff please call 1300 786 166.