Guys are you sick of the hair growing on your cheeks, outer ears, back of the neck or between your eyebrows? Have you ever quickly scraped a razor across your face and ran out the door causing painful looking nicks and cuts, razor burn and ingrown hairs?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then Laser Hair Removal could be the perfect option you!

You may think that Laser Hair Removal is just for women but more and more males are enjoying the benefits of permanent Laser Facial Hair Removal for a smoother hair free face.

Why is Laser Hair Removal the best option for male facial hair?

  • Laser Hair Removal can stop painful ingrown hairs.
  • Stops the need to shave everyday and no more 5 o’clock shadow!
  • Prevents shaving rash.
  • Gets rid of an uneven beard or side burn line.
  • Provides a smooth and fresh looking appearance.
  • No more fluffy outer ear hair or monobrow.
Laser hair removal for men on the face can be done quickly (in as little as 20 minutes) and is almost virtually pain free -think of a very light flick of an elastic band. Most men need to 6-8 treatments and will only need to come in every 4-6 weeks.

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