Microdermabrasion is one of the safest, yet most effective treatments to combat the signs of ageing, sun damaged skin, acne scarring and enlarged pores, all with no down time!
It is a pain free cosmetic procedure that gently exfoliates and resurfaces the skin, giving remarkable results.

Both Men & Women are seeing amazing transformations in their skin quality simply by introducing Microdermabrasion to their skin care regimen.

Make no mistake, this treatment is not just for women…yes men are loving the results too!
At the Australian Laser & Skin Clinics, we use only the latest and best in Microdermabrasion technology. Utlitizing state-of-the-art diamond tips means that patients can return to their regular daily activities immediately after treatment, while Microdermabrasion systems that use inferior crystal streams cause tenderness, irritation, dryness and redness. So clients with sensitive skin need not worry!
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