New Year’s Resolution Solutions


Whilst making a new year’s resolution is easy, sticking to it for longer than a few days can be mighty challenging and difficult. Here are 4 simple resolutions with easy solutions to ensure 2017 is your best skin year ever.

1. I will always wash my face before going to bed

Long work days, tiresome gym workouts and a buzzing social calendar can often mean your skin takes a back seat. When you’re tired and exhausted, the last thing on your mind is to ‘remove the day’ by washing your face and taking care of your skin. Accumulated pollution, make-up, oil and dirt all contribute to blackheads, pimples and a dull complexion. Rather than reaching for the make-up wipes (which are often full of drying alcohol), why not try an all-in-one cleansing gel? Gentle Cleanser from Skinstitut is so effective (yet so mild) that you can use it to take off foundation, waterproof make-up and oily skin residue. The soap-free formula does not strip the skin and is suitable for all skin types. Just one pump mixed with a splash of water delivers a 20 second cleanse that restores pure, clarified and clean skin. No double cleanse and no toner required.


2. I will stop picking and squeezing my breakouts

We have all experienced the unflattering light emitted by fluorescent globes and badly angled mirrors. Every pore, blackhead and pimple appears magnified, inciting sheer panic to manually squeeze them all away. Whilst the satisfaction of extracting a blemish with your fingernails may deliver short term satisfaction, the longer term consequence of scarring and enlarged pores becomes a reality for many. When pore clogging congestion becomes rapidly ruptured, the skin’s natural elasticity can often struggle to keep up, creating the appearance of icepick, boxcar and indented scars. Why not try a fortnightly microdermabrasion treatment? This comfortable 15 minute procedure requires no downtime and works in three ways to treat skin imperfections. The mechanical exfoliation dislodges follicular debris and deposits whilst the gentle vacuum sucks them all away whilst stimulating microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. The result? Clear, blackhead and pimple free skin that glows with fresh vitality. The appearance and formation of open pores and scar tissue become significantly reduced.


3. I will wear sunscreen every day

The sunscreens of old are often associated with clogging, gunky and greasy formulas that left a lingering and unpleasant smell. More often than not, skin would feel dry and heavy, whilst make-up application would simply fade or melt away.  Enter new generation products designed for versatility and skin boosting support. Water based gels such as Aspect Envirostat deliver an everyday moisturiser brimming with antioxidants and minerals, yet secretly fortified with a weightless and fragrance-free SPF30. This dual daily moisturiser not only provides a saturation of hydration but protects with a mineral, broadspectrum sunscreen. No greasy feel, no crazy smell, no mask effect and complete wearable comfort. Envirostat delivers such perfect skin affinity, it even provides a long lasting make-up base for an ever- lasting radiant finish that never fades or creases. This is the ultimate anti-ageing solution to treat and correct environmental attack. Sunscreen has never felt or looked so luxe.


4. I will give up shaving forever

On average, Australian ladies will spend over 800 hours shaving their legs and underarms in their life time. They will use nearly 500 razors and spend over $2500 on blades and accessories. These figures are just for the cheapest, disposable grocery store brands. Imagine your legs being hair-free for life in less than 8 hours (of total time) and for half the price of a lifetime’s worth of razors. No nicks, no cuts, no razors and no worries. Laser hair removal now offers a permanent hair removal option that can treat legs, underarms, Brazilian, arms, face, upper lip, chin and anywhere else on the body where hair grows. Just 6 sessions ensure up to 90% hair reduction with treatments performed in as little as a few minutes (particularly for facial areas). Results are permanent which means no more shaving, no more waxing, no more plucking and no more threading. Imagine waking up to smooth, touchable and hair-free skin every day with no hassle and ongoing shaving or salon waxing appointments?

Make 2017 the year for a better skin and a better you with these easy resolutions and solutions. For just a little time and investment, your skin will have all it needs to look younger and better for longer. Happy New Year!!





By: Andrew R. Christie

Beauty & Skin Industry Specialist


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