Remember back in the day when photo-copiers first came out, there was the “Xerox” brand that started it all. After some time though, people began to refer to ALL photo copies as “Xeroxes”.

Well the same has happened with Laser Hair Removal! Lately, there has been a trend where many of our competitors are claiming to have medical grade lasers or provide permanent Laser Hair Removal.

In fact, not only do they not have medical grade lasers, most of them don’t have lasers at all! In many cases, they will mislead you with cheap IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments, which will inly give you hair reduction and not permanent hair removal!
Don’t be fooled!
At the Australian Laser & Skin Clinic, we use only the best in permanent laser hair removal technology; The “Candela Gentlelase”. Since its inception in the mid 90’s the Candela Gentlease still remains the number one choice for practitioners world wide for safe and effective permanent laser hair removal.