Meet Alysha, our Registered Cosmetic Nurse, injecting warmth, comfort, and a touch of fun into every client interaction. Alysha is a standout member of our team, serving as a skilled cosmetic and dermal therapist at both our South Yarra and Ivanhoe clinics.

With over 5 years of invaluable nursing experience, Alysha seamlessly blends her expertise with a warm and comforting demeanour. Beyond the clinic, she navigates multiple challenges in Anaesthetics and Recovery, showcasing her resilience and ability to handle diverse situations.

Patient safety is Alysha’s top priority, ensuring you feel not only pampered but also secure in her capable hands. She takes pride in providing honest, professional opinions to enhance your innate beauty. Alysha possesses a natural eye for detail, and her gentle approach guarantees you’ll leave the clinic feeling not just refreshed but truly empowered.

Choosing Alysha means partnering with a dedicated professional who brings a perfect blend of skill, warmth, and honesty to your cosmetic journey. Join Alysha at our South Yarra or Ivanhoe clinics, where she awaits the opportunity to tailor a treatment plan specifically for you.

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