Introducing Nurse Nives, a seasoned Cosmetic Nurse with an impressive 7-year nursing background and a fervent passion for helping individuals look and feel their best. Additionally, Nives serves as the Clinic Manager of the Reservoir Clinic at Australian Laser & Skin working with her highly skilled to team to drive performance whilst remaining hands on as a Cosmetic consultant.

With a commitment to holistic care, Nives thrives on embracing the unique challenges that each client presents. Her extensive experience and genuine care enable her to navigate the intricacies of cosmetic nursing with a focus on providing comprehensive well-being to her clients.

Nives harbors a particular passion for anti-wrinkle treatments, lower face enhancements, and anti-aging procedures. Her ultimate goal is to ensure her clients are not just satisfied but delighted with an enhanced, natural result that aligns with their individual preferences and aesthetic aspirations.

Choosing Nurse Nives means entrusting your cosmetic journey to a dedicated professional who not only brings expertise to the table but also manages the Reservoir clinic at Australian Laser & Skin with the utmost care and dedication.

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