1. No matter how tired you feel or how ‘merry’ you are, always wash your make-up off before heading to bed. Sweat, dirt and grime can accumulate, especially on the dance floor or in humid environments, contributing to congestion and clogging. Unwashed mascara particles can cause irritation, leaving the eyes looking red, irritated and less than refreshed.
2. Keep yourself well hydrated. This reduces the nauseous feeling from drinking too much alcohol and keeps your skin looking supple and radiant. Electrolytes are key to ensuring effective hydration that actually stays in the system. Instead of drinking sugar-laden sports drinks, why not pop an electrolyte tablet into a glass of water before heading out. Repeat before heading to bed.
3. Exfoliation is the key to radiant smooth skin and also for flawless self-tanning. By removing dulling residue, flakes and skin debris, make-up glides on effortlessly for a smooth and seamless finish. Always exfoliate the body at least 12 hours prior to a spray tan or applying self-tanner. This ensures the product does not ‘grab’ creating blotchy patches. Use a granular exfoliant 1-2 times a week or why not try an AHA serum that can be applied daily to deliver gentle and gradual exfoliation.
4. Keeping your digestive system alkaline ensures that nutrients are properly absorbed, minimises acid reflux and reduces the damage caused by excess bad fats and alcohol consumption. Green super foods such as broccoli, asparagus and kale provide excellent re-balancing. Not a fan of vegetables? Try liquid chlorophyll, chlorella tablets, wheat grass shots or spirulina powder as alkalinising supplements to support a healthy system.
5. A facial mask is the ultimate pick-me-up to awaken, refresh and revitalise tired and lacklustre skin. Look for a moisturising formula that douses the skin with hydration, antioxidants and vitamins to plump, firm and nourish. Apply for a minimum of ten minutes then simply wipe off. Follow with moisturiser and then apply make-up.
6. Fight red-eyes and facial inflammation with redness-reducing eye drops. These vaso-constricting formulas not only whiten tired and red eyes, but can be apply directly to pimples or facial blotchiness to reduce inflammation and swelling. Apply directly to the blemish then follow with an application of soothing moisturiser.

7. To prevent eye shadow creasing, foundation fading and to create the perfect make-up base, apply a primer over the top of moisturiser to prep and revitalise the skin. Primers form an invisible network that helps make-up to last longer with a ‘just-applied’ finish. Less touch-ups are required for an always flawless effect.

8. Never forget to apply sunscreen when heading to any outdoor soiree. Clothing doesn’t even offer 100% protection so be sure to apply to any exposed areas as well as those covered by sheer or transparent fabrics. Re-apply every 2-3 hours for the ultimate in skin protection.
9. Avoid that ‘fuzzy’ feeling the morning after by increasing your body’s levels of essential fatty acids. A tablespoon of fish, olive or evening primrose oils taken prior to heading out will assist with alertness and clarity. Better still, your cravings for fast food the following morning will be reduced if not completely removed.
10. Avoid arriving to a party on an empty stomach. By eating a healthy snack (such as fruit, nuts or even some rice) before you leave, it will reduce the temptation to fill up on sugar and fat-laden party foods. By lining the stomach with something substantial, it can also minimise the negative effects of alcohol to reduce bloating and nausea.
By: Andrew R. Christie
Beauty & Skin Industry Specialist