Here in Melbourne, our constant weather fluctuations and sometimes harsh conditions can seriously effect the quality of our skin. Periods of extreme cold and heat wreak havoc on our skins ability to stay young, fresh and youthful.
Finally there is a treatment that can help you to maintain the quality and clarity of your skin. Photo Rejuvenation using Intense Pulsed Light technology, or more commonly known as IPL, is a non-invasive procedure that literally takes minutes and helps revitalize and restore a youthful appearance particularly from sun damage. Photo-Rejuvenation IPL can treat fine lines and wrinkles, crows feet, rosacea, age spots, redness, enlarged pores, and superficial veins.
Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it! Well its actually a very safe and easy treatment. Photo Rejuvenation IPL works by using pulses of intense light, which are applied to the skin using the latest in Photo Rejuvenation IPL technology.
This intense light is then absorbed by structures in the skin that are darker in colour, namely blood vessels and pigmented areas. These darker structures instantaneously heat up and are damaged and in turn cleared by the body, causing an immediate improvement in skin quality and appearance.
Photo Rejuvenation IPL treatments will leave your skin looking clarified, more even and refined, giving you back the skin of younger years.