Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations!

As Laser Hair Removal is fast becoming a more popular alternative to traditional temporary hair removal methods, such as waxing and shaving, more and more Beauty Salons are trying to remain competitive by offering “hair reduction” using low powered hair removal devices.

However, there is an important aspect you should know before committing to undergoing treatments with any salon or clinic; there are actually 2 main categories that most hair removal devices fall into:

1. Class 4 Medical Grade Permanent Hair Removal Lasers

2. Beauty Grade Hair Reduction Pulsed Light Devices (which are also often
incorrectly called IPL’s).

There are many differences between a Medical Grade Laser and a Beauty Grade Pulsed Light Device. However, in order to understand the main difference it is important to note that any Laser or IPL, regardless of whether or not it is Medical Grade or Beauty Grade works best on dark, coarse hair.
A Medical Grade Laser is able to generate more heat and focus that heat more accurately and safely into the target hair follicle.
Provided that the hair is dark and thick enough, the Medical Grade Laser or has the ability to generate a temperature of 70 Degrees Celsius, which is required to completely terminate the blood supply to the target hair follicle. This can cause the hair follicle to become permanently inactive or “permanently removed”!
A Beauty Grade Pulsed Light Device or “IPL”, is not designed to reach the high temperatures required to completely terminate the blood supply to the target hair follicle. In other words, a Beauty Grade Device cannot “permanently remove” hair. These devices are designed to damage hair follicles, which can cause the hair to return finer and lighter, thus giving the appearance of “Hair Reduction”. Finer, lighter hairs may sound great in theory, however in reality, it means that these hairs become virtually impossible to “permanently remove”.

So before asking “how much will it cost” & whether it’s safe, first consider the results you are after and then do your research, we promise that it will save you time money and disappointment in the long run!