We’ve all been there…
You’re getting ready to go to the beach, you’ve got your new bathers on and you’re feeling good. You look down and….girls you realize you forgot to shave your legs….. Or guys, you forgot to wax your chest!
Now you have to spend 15 minutes of your beach time to shave and risk nicks, cuts and the irritation your freshly shaved skin will no doubt get when it hits the saltwater!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bypass all that and be hair free ALL year round?

No more………

  • Painful and expensive waxing
  • Time wasting shaving
  • Messy depilatory creams

At the Australian Laser and Skin Clinic we offer the best in permanent hair removal results for both men and women.

Why do we offer the best laser hair removal treatment?
Our lasers are Class 4 Medical Lasers, which means that they are safer, more powerful & provide less discomfort compared to Intense Pulse Light (IPL), and require fewer treatments, so you can achieve your desired hair free results twice as fast
We also offer a complimentary consultation with one of our fully qualified and medically trained clinicians, so you can discuss exactly what you want and how together, you can achieve permanent hair removal results!