Summer is coming and the two things people love the MOST about summer are the sun and tanning!

We also love to a have silky, smooth hair free body and what better option than to choose Laser Hair Removal to get rid of those pesky hairs!

Laser Hair Removal has fast become the No.1 method for hair removal as it offers permanent hair free results. Bumps, nicks and cuts caused by shaving and waxing are all things of the past!

Since most people get Laser Hair Removal performed to get rid of unwanted body hair to wear more revealing summer clothing, it’s important to know how laser-treated skin will react to sun exposure and why it’s essential to keep out of the sun while having laser hair removal.
Everyone has different skin sensitivity and at The Australian Laser and Skin Clinic our medically trained and highly qualified clinicians are on hand to provide the best advice for what’s appropriate for your skin and hair type. With their professional assessment, and experience with thousands of patients, they’ll know how tanning will affect you both before and after laser hair removal treatment.
People with tanned skin are generally discouraged from Laser Hair Removal treatments as any type of tanning whether it be from the sun, solarium or fake tan, changes your natural skin pigmentation.

When having Laser Hair Removal performed the light of the laser is attracted to the dark pigment in the hair follicle, destroying it so that it never grows back. If the skin in the area being treated is tanned, burning or discoloration may occur as the laser will also be attracted to the dark pigment in the skin caused by tanning.

If you have tanned recently and are considering Laser Hair Removal follow these simple guidelines:

  • Wait 4-6 weeks before having Laser Hair Removal done as during this time the tan will fade making laser hair removal possible. Waiting can be annoying, but it’s much better than wasting your money for a treatment that’s not going to be effective.
  • Wear SPF 30+ or more in the areas you want Laser Hair Removal. If you’re having your face done try and wear a hat for extra protection.
  • Try and stay out of the sun!
  • Avoid solariums, fake tanning lotions and moisturisers that have a gradual tanning agent.
Can I tan after Laser Hair Removal?
After you’ve had Laser Hair Removal the first thing you want to do is show off your new silky smooth body with a beautiful tan. However, tanning (traditional or solarium) and the use of tanning creams should be avoided for at least 4 weeks after treatment as the treated areas will be sensitive, and exposure to direct sunlight could harm the skin or cause discoloration. Use a sunscreen that has SPF 30+ or higher to protect the treated areas.
If you stay out of the sun while undergoing laser hair removal you might miss out on sunbathing or looking a golden for a while but you will get the most effective and safer treatment as a result. Remember now is the PERFECT time to get your first Laser Hair Removal treatment in as your skin is palest at the end of winter. RECENT POSTS SKIN NEEDLING AFTERCARE STARTING AFRESH POST-SUMMER: SKIN CARE TIPS FROM BEAUTY & SKIN INDUSTRY SPECIALIST, ANDREW R. CHRISTIE NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION SOLUTIONS BEAUTY + SKIN TIPS FOR SPRING RACING CARNIVAL SECRET MEN’S BUSINESS 5 TIPS TO BANISH BREAKOUTS DELAY SKIN AGEING – 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD STOP DOING SKIN SAVING SUPPLEMENTS SUNBURN DO’S AND DON’TS SUMMER MUST HAVE TREATMENTS FROM THE SKIN EXPERTS ARCHIVES