People seek out tattoo removal for a variety of reasons.
“I was too young’
‘Yes I really did think that getting a girls name that I am no longer with was a great idea… at the time’
‘I have a new job and I don’t think they would appreciate a tattoo of a dagger on my wrist!’
Or they simply just don’t like it anymore.
In the past a variety of methods were used for tattoo removal including skin grafting, dermabrasion (or the removal of the top layers of skin), acid de-tattooing and infra-red lasers. These tattoo removal methods were usually quite costly, painful and left obvious scarring.
Other people choose to cover up their tattoos with make up that, let’s face it, doesn’t really do much except make the tattoo appear like a large bruise and then eventually melts off or rubs onto clothing.
There is now a safe, almost virtually pain free tattoo removal method that won’t cause scarring and is offered here at The Australian Laser and Skin Clinic.
Our Q-Switched lasers safely remove unwanted tattoos and are best for removing black, red and other coloured pigments. This laser tattoo removal is also suitable for people with darker skin.
The Q-switched lasers work by penetrating the skin and breaking up the tattoo pigments into smaller pieces which assists the cells to clear these smaller pigments from the skin. And the best part about it is that it won’t damage the skin surrounding the tattoo.

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of that mistake and call 1300 786 166 and book your complimentary tattoo removal consultation today!