With the gloomy days ahead look on the bright side there’s never been a better time to get Laser Hair Removal!
Why, you ask?

Well, as much as we love to have a natural healthy looking tan, tanning before your laser hair removal treatment can interfere with the absorption of laser light which destroys the hair follicles that you want to remove!

This is due to the fact that our Class 4 Medical Grade Lasers, used for Laser Hair Removal are attracted to dark pigmentation (colour) in the skin, so if there is any pigment in your skin caused by tanning or fake tanning lotions this may cause side effects, such as blistering and skin discoloration after treatment. This is why the colder months are ideal for Laser Hair Removal, as we cover up our bodies and are rarely exposed to UV light!

Popular areas to have Laser Hair Removal on, which are the most exposed in summer, are:

  • Arm hair Removal
  • Full Leg hair removal
  • Face hair removal
  • Back hair removal
  • Abdomen hair removal
  • Shoulder hair removal
  • Bikini hair removal
  • Brazilian hair removal
At The Australian Laser and Skin Clinic our lasers are Class 4 Medical Grade Lasers, which means that they are safer, more powerful, & provide less discomfort compared to Beauty Grade Intense Pulse Light (IPL), and require fewer laser hair removal treatments, so you can achieve your desired results twice as fast!
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