The pain-free, risk-free alternative to surgery
In a world where we’re all trying to look younger, some pretty radical procedures are being performed to help people capture and maintain the appearance of youth. While we believe you should always feel and look your best, it is not necessary to go to such lengths to revitalise tired skin and clear unsightly tones and zones.
Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that can wind back the clock as well as rejuvenate your skin, giving you a more natural and healthy look without the dangerous risks involved with cosmetic surgeries.
Here are the top reasons to choose Microdermabrasion:

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles :-Something we all dread, wrinkles can be tackled head on when you undergo microdermabrasion treatments. While some people report the disappearance of wrinkles within one or two treatments, it usually takes approximately five treatment sessions to see optimum, lasting results.

Fight acne and heal acne scarring :- As if suffering from acne as a teenager wasn’t bad enough, now you have the scarring to remind you of it! Microdermabrasion not only combats the appearance of acne, but also works effectively towards removing and minimising the scars left behind.

Smooths and evens out skin tone :- Most of us struggling with combination skin feel like there are no solutions – no moisturisers can soothe the dry areas, and no facial scrubs can clear the oily areas. Now you can achieve the most even skin tones possible with microdermabrasion! A few treatments and your skin tone will be flawlessly even and smooth, meaning you can now determine what products are actually best for you!

Abolishes black heads and minimises large pores :- Large pores are not just unsightly, they also pose a risk for clogged skin and the appearance of blackheads. Microdermabrasion can remove blackheads and transform your pores into discreet, clog-less skin!

Increases elasticity and collagen production :- You don’t need to turn to the needle for your collagen production – microdermabrasion regenerates skin and increases your body’s natural elasticity to create a smoother, younger looking appearance.

NON-INVASIVE:- Probably the most important reason as to why microdermabrasion should be your treatment of choice – it is completely non-invasive. Virtually risk-free, there is no pain or downtime involved with microdermabrasion, with treatments being carried out at your skin care clinic, spa centre, or other cosmetic consulting clinic. You can even get kits to DIY at home – that’s how safe it is!

For the best skin results you don’t need to go under the knife; consider microdermabrasion as your solution and achieve that youthful glow in as little time as possible.