For many, the best part about the holiday season is getting away from it all. A holiday; some sunshine; discovering a new city; sleeping in and eating exotic food. Whilst this may stimulate the senses and restore much needed inspiration, travel can take a toll on the skin, leaving your complexion parched, lifeless, dull and irritated. By following a few simple tricks, your skin will arrive to your next destination with the same vibrancy and energy that only a first class lay-down bed can bring.
On Board Beauty
Whilst the toiletry bags often given on long haul flights add a little tender loving care. The socks, eye mask and ear plugs will not help the quality of your skin. Why not create your own on-board trousse de toilette at home in preparation? Essentials you should include are make-up wipes (which double as a body refresher), a travel size of your favourite moisturiser (which can also double as hand cream) and some lip balm. Don’t forget some roll-on deodorant, re-hydrating eye drops and samples of your favourite perfume and pack in a clear zip lock bag. The recycled air on board a plane is especially dehydrating on the skin. As water is hygroscopic (which means water attracts water), this means air conditioning actually zaps moisture from the superficial layers. Avoid spritzing floral or mineral water sprays onto your face. Whilst these may feel refreshing, they actually accelerate the dehydration process through evaporation. For an instant skin awakening, that actually binds moisture to the skin, try Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist (which contains hyaluronic acid). Follow with an application of ASAP Ultimate Hydration. This moisturiser is rich enough to serve as a face cream, eye cream and moisture mask in one – even try it has a multitasking hand cream. To prevent chapped and dry lips, try ASAP Lip Balm. Remember however, for international flights, individual liquids cannot exceed 100ml and must be presented in a clear plastic bag.
Re-thinking Make-Up
Even Hollywood stars know that the key to great skin is never to sleep in their make-up. Whilst we all want to look our best on a long haul flight, your standard make-up is often doing more harm than good. A mineral powder is different to standard liquid foundations. With no bulking agents and comedogenic emollients, these lightweight formulas leave an undetectable veil that creates a physical barrier between the skin and the environment. Mineral pigments, unlike many D&C red dyes cannot clog nor congest the skin and are safe enough to sleep in. The oil-free formulas are suitable for all skin types and allow for breathable camouflage. The buildable coverage allows for a sheer to full effect that serves as a three-in-one foundation, concealer and powder. To disguise the signs of jet lag and fatigue, try a mineral bronzer applied to the apples of the cheeks, temples, eye lids and under the chin. Blend well for a seamless finish that stays put for up to 20 hours. Need to increase skin moisture levels? Simply spritz Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist over the top. If wearing more traditional liquid foundations, ensure to remove them fully with make-up wipes as soon as the seatbelt sign turns off. Follow with a liberal coat of moisturiser. Before the plane goes into descent mode (usually 45mins before you land), re-apply make-up for a radiantly fresh arrival. For versatile minerals, try Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose Powder for the ultimate in skin perfection that you can even sleep in.
Toiletry Bag Necessities
No matter where your travels take you to, there a couple of skincare essentials that should be in your under-carriage toiletry bag. Whether it is sun or snow you seek, the daily application of a sunscreen is a necessity to preserve skin quality. Why not try a two-in-one moisturiser and SPF such as ASAP Moisturising Daily Defence. This product can even be used anywhere on the body. Reapply every 2-3 hours when swimming in a pool or at the beach. Try Jane Iredale Dream Tint or ASAP CC Cream as a three-in-one facial SPF which includes a radiant and perfecting coverage. For a versatile make-up remover, cleanser and exfoliant in one, use Skinstitut Lactic Cleanser. This gentle formula can even be used as a multi-tasking shampoo, body wash and shaving gel. For increased exfoliation, simply leave on dry skin for 5 minutes before washing off. No access to a laundry? You can also use the cleanser to hand wash underwear and fabric stains for a good-as-new effect. Simply use the hotel bathroom sink, then hang to dry overnight. For skins requiring a little more attention to combat holiday breakouts, dryness and pigmentation, try Aspect Dr Exfol-A Plus Serum. Apply twice daily for visible results and longer term skin correction.
Don’t forget to reduce alcohol and coffee intake whilst in the air. It is often said that every drink in the sky is worth two on the ground. Keep yourself and your skin super hydrated by packing some electrolyte tablets or sachets in your cabin luggage. To ensure a comfortable sleep whilst sitting up, invest in a good neck pillow and pack a light sweater to keep yourself warm. A good pair of socks will also create comfortable feet. Whilst these may not be the most glamorous of accessories, your body will thank you for it upon arrival to your destination.

Bon voyage and bonjour to great travel skin!
By: Andrew R. Christie
Beauty & Skin Industry Specialist