Though smooth hair free skin is often associated with the warmer months, winter is in fact the ideal time to have laser treatments such as laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal and Photo Rejuvenation.

This is due to our skin being relatively covered up during the winter months, making our skin lighter and thus more suitable for Laser Hair Removal, Laser Tattoo Removal & Photo Rejuvenation treatments.
Less sun exposure and tanning reduces the risk of having any undesirable reactions to laser treatments. It also allows us to potentially be able to treat you more safely on higher treatment parameters, which could make your laser hair and tattoo removal results even more amazing!
If you begin Laser Hair Removal treatments this winter by next year’s summer you should have the permanent hair free skin you’ve dreamed of. On average most of our clients need anywhere from 4-8 sessions spaced every 8 -10 weeks apart. Start those Laser Hair Removal treatments you’ve been thinking about forever now!
Don’t put up with the tattoo you can’t stand the sight of. Laser Tattoo Removal can achieve optimal results of 80% removal of the unwanted tattoo in 6-12 treatments every 6-8 weeks apart. If you start Laser Tattoo Removal soon it will be gone by summer next year.

Another treatment that is ideally suited to cooler months is Photo Rejuvenation. This treats everything from sun damage and sunspots to rosecea and broken capillaries. Outstanding results can generally be seen with 1-4 treatments of Photo Rejuvenation depending on the skin concern. With treatments spaced only 4 weeks apart, you can have the skin you deserve by this year’s silly season

At the Australian Laser & Skin Clinic s we only use Medical Grade Lasers and IPLS, meaning you get more permanent results and need fewer treatments which will save both your time and money.
Put your trust in the best; our Candela Gentlelase lasers can give you permanent laser hair removal, not hair reduction like many other cheap imitations or IPL’s!

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